About Nha Trang

Origin of the Name Nha Trang
The name Nha trang is a Vietnamese pronunciation of a Cham word Eatran or Yjatan. Ea or Yja means river, and tran means reed. According to local residents, there once were a lot of reeds along Ngoc Hoi river. The Cai River (Nha Trang River) cuts through the northern part of Nha Trang and meet the ocean at Nha Trang Bay. Another popular story behinh the origin of the word “Nha Trang” is that when a foreign vessel passed through the city, her captain asked a local guide on board where they were at. The guide saw a white house and replied with Nha` tra, meaning While house. Before Dr. Yersin made his home in Nha Trang, locals live in home made of reeds and mud. This French scientist owned a brick home that was painted white and could be seen from miles off shore.

Charming Vietnam

With its 7km – long beach, Nha Trang is a leading holiday destination in Vietnam. It is also well known for its Cham relics and its various remains, pagodas, and temples. With numerous beautiful spots, Nha Trang is one the great tourism centres. Nha Trang attracts a lot of tourists to relax and sightsee all year round.

Nha Trang with a population of over 400,000 people, including Viet, Ra Giai, Hoa and Co Tu people, it also possesses a small beach town featured like its southern neighbor Mui Ne. Nha Trang Bay is noticibly known for its endless sight of pristine beach and family friendly locals. It is encircled by myriad miles of prime   beaches and offshore islands. Interestingly, offshore are a score of attractive islets which contain craggy eaves and caverns and provide home to the swallow, that built their nests which are used for a famous yummy swallow – nest soup. A bit different from Pacific Ocean water’s coldness, the warm year-round water of Nha Trang is ideal for watersports such as swimming and scuba diving. 25+ degree celsius is the average temperature in this stunning town. With the lowest level of moisture degree in all of Vietnam, Nha Trang is becoming South East Asia hotspot. Today, Nha Trang has its toprank of all beaches in Vietnam and 29 most beautiful bays in the world.

The city is about 1,250 kilometers to the south of Hanoi and 440 kilometers to the north of Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City). Nha Trang has 5 major islands together with some of the best island resorts in Asia: Hon Tre (Vinpearl), Hon Tam (Hon Tam Resort), Hon Heo peninsula (Evason Hideaway) and many more beach-front resorts and hotels.

With such natural gifts of not only landscape but nice climate, together with its rich background in culture and humanities, Nha Trang is one of the Vietnam’s major culture and tourism centers with a completely distinguished value system.  Nha Trang has been enriched and also preserved to be an incredible experience for anyone who takes a step on it.

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