“Don’t underestimate the strong sunshine

Here in South Vietnam especially in places like Nha Trang it is a must to enjoy the great beaches on offer to the visitor. The beautiful days make it easy to want to spend the day at the beach and in the water swimming. Be extremely careful of the intense heat of the sun here…The sun in South East asia I found to be extremly strong ,hot and unforgiving.

When you are exposed in the sun make sure that you use a strong sunscreen of at least 15+. The most important places to cover are your nose and tops of your ears as these are the most places suceptible to skin cancer. Snorkelling is the most dangerous water activity for sunburn as swimmers don’t realise they are getting badly sunburnt as they are in the cool water.
Also, make sure that you have sufficient fresh drinking water for the day…
A wide brimmed hat and a good pair of sunglasses are a must.”

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